10 Top Tips for a Tip-Top Winter Party

The holiday or winter class party is so looked forward to by students and parents alike! Make a snowy splash with this year's party with these top hints, tips & tricks . . .


  Coordinate parent helpers online. Schedule the holiday class party needs (from snacks, to craft leaders, storytime readers and decorators) with free online signups from VolunteerSpot - invite parents to sign up 24/7 from their computer or mobile device and rely on automated reminders to keep everyone on track! Get started now

  Check the theme. Check with your classroom teacher about party holiday guidelines and what holidays are allowed or not allowed to be represented according to school policy. Keep it safe with a winter theme and get creative incorporating decorations, crafts and snacks with snowflakes, snowmen, sleds, snowcaps, etc.

  Incorporate Giving. Get the whole class into the spirit of the season by incorporating a 'giving project' into the classroom celebration. Ask families to donate non-perishable foods students can bring in the day of the party, or make the class party craft a time for students to write festive cards for a nearby nursing home or homeless shelter.

  Snack Healthy. The holiday season is chock-full of sweets and sugar, but the class party doesn't have to be! Healthy, festive alternatives are easy to come by - like "snowballs," snack bags filled with popcorn and yogurt-covered raisins, or "Grinch Kabobs," grape, banana & strawberries on a stick. More ideas here

  Get Crafty. Winter parties are the best for easy, fun crafts kids love > think paper snowflakes and popsicle stick snowmen, gingerbread houses, reindeer hats, paper plate snowmen, festive paper chains to decorate the classroom, you name it!

  Capture memories. Don't forget to ask a parent volunteer to take pictures! Whether with a digital camera, or simply their smartphone, it's so simple to capture quality photos and videos from such a cherished time for students. Post the pics on the class blog, webpage or eNewsletter so parents who couldn't make it can see how much fun everyone had!

  Play a game. Get kids in on the wintry fun with an indoor game that gets them moving! Pin the nose on the snowman is always a classic, or how about "snowball toss," transforming a regular group toss game by wrapping balls up in white felt or fuzzy white wrapping. Another favorite, "spoon snow relay" uses mini marshmallows on a spoon, having kids take part in a traditional relay where those who cross the finish line without dropping any 'snow' win a prize. Treasure Dig is simple fun too > fill a tub with shredded white paper or yarn and have young kids search through it for little treasures buried underneath.

  Favor favor. Award small prizes for game and activity winners as well as little winter-themed holiday favors for all the students. Think fun, but useful school supplies like pencils, stickers, erasers, notepads, etc. Jazz up any of those items with a wintry twist - think glitter and gem toppers.

  Gifts for Teacher. Don't forget the teacher - the class party is a great time to share the class group gift, thank you video or class card with the teacher. Think of collecting a group donation or having parents donate items for a themed group gift basket. More ideas here

  Read all about it. Storytime is a class party favorite, and the winter holiday party is no exception. Have a parent volunteer read a book or two that capture the spirit of the season - whether it's a snowy winter tale, a story about being kind and helping others, or a classic like Jan Brett's, "The Mitten."

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