Sensational Youth Sports Awards Ideas

Recognize Players for Their Team Contributions

At the end of every sports season, it is important to give recognition to the unique contributions that each player made to the team. While skills needed for winning are essential for team success, the journey itself is equally important. Publicly praise hard work, positive attitude, unique quirks, and great communication with these sensational youth sports awards.

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Youth Sports Awards Ideas: Recognition for Team Contributions

Traditional Awards

Celebrate players for excellence on the field or court, or for personal growth throughout the season with these long-established sports awards.

  1. Most Improved Player - who made the most obvious and major improvements to their skill level or attitude this season?

  2. Offensive MVP(s) - get more specific with this award, depending on the sport, such as Best Spiker and Best Setter for volleyball, Best Passer for basketball, Best Pitcher and Best Batter for baseball, etc.

  3. Defensive MVP(s) - similar to the offensive player award, this could be Best Goalie for soccer, Best Baseman for baseball, Best Tackler for football, etc.

  4. Rookie of the Season / Year - which newbie made the biggest impression this season?

  5. Team Leader - who stepped up to the plate to lead the team this season?

  6. Best Sportsmanship - who demonstrated the most respect towards teammates and rival teams throughout the season?

  7. Top Scorer - present this one to the person that earned the most points for the team this season.

  8. Most Dependable - which player always showed up and had the best attendance at practice and games?

Communication Skills Awards

Since successful teamwork requires excellent communication skills, be sure to recognize players that have demonstrated leadership in these areas.

  1. Best Listener - the team member that is most skillful at listening to others

  2. The Peacemaker - the person that plays the mediator of the team to bring peace to all

  3. Mr. / Ms. Positivity - the one that always looks at the bright side of things and keeps the team’s spirits lifted

  4. Most Compassionate - the teammate that shows the most empathy

  5. Social Butterfly - the teammate that gets along with literally everyone and tries to make everyone feel included

  6. Humbledore - the most humble teammate that always gives credit to team effort over their own contribution

  7. Most Team Spirit - the teammate that cheers on the team the most

  8. Team Comic Relief - the comedian on the team that keeps everyone laughing

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Awards for Other Attributes

Whether it’s attributed to physical skills or an intense drive to do the best they can, give recognition to players that gave their all.

  1. Comeback King/Queen - someone that had a significant contribution in the team coming back to win a game after being significantly behind

  2. The Hustler - the team member that gave it their all and had the most hustle at practices and games throughout the season

  3. Team Live Wire - for the most energetic teammate who is always enthusiastic about being a part of the team

  4. Stealthy Stealer - the person that had the most steals during the season

  5. Amazing Assistor - for the teammate that had the most assists this season

  6. The Flash (aka Lightning Award) - the team’s fastest runner

  7. Academic Athlete - for the player excelling in academics, to recognize his/her hard work on and off the field or court

  8. The Focus Fanatic - no matter what else is going on, this team member always stays focused on the game and doesn’t get distracted

Funny Awards

Get creative and generate great fun and lots of laughs with funny awards like these.

  1. Best Dancer or Singer - initiate impromptu celebratory dances throughout the season to best judge team members’ dance skills or choose a song to be the team’s theme song for the season to determine who this award should go to

  2. Best Hair - this player that takes great pride in his/her hair (and it looks great no matter how sweaty they get!)

  3. Most Stylish - this award is for Aubrey on the tennis team who always wears hair accessories and cute socks that match her outfit, or for Christian on the soccer team with the coolest collection of shoes

  4. Team Foodie - present this award to the teammate that provides the best team snacks, or shares their own yummy treats with others

  5. Most Likely to Fall Asleep - this person can fall asleep literally anywhere and does, whether it’s on the bus, in the hotel lobby, at the table in the restaurant, or somewhere else

  6. High Five Headman - give this award to the leader of high fives, who creates or memorizes the best high fives and handshakes with other teammates

  7. Best Fall - this team member took the most impressive tumble during practice or game play

  8. Biggest Blunder - instead of teasing the player that scored for the other team, recognize his/her hilarious achievement

Adult Awards

Don’t forget the adults that helped make the season possible!

  1. Coach of the Year / Best Coach

  2. Best Supporting Parent

  3. Loudest Adult Cheerleader

  4. Best Snack Provider

  5. Coolest Carpooler


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