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Now I'm no longer personally on the hook for all the class party expenses and teachers gifts!
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Now it's easy to give time, or money, or both!
People donate 10 times more money if they've volunteered in the past year. ~ Harris Interactive Study
I can't always be there to pitch in. Buying out my volunteer hours helps the school and I feel more involved!

SignUp.com has partnered with WePay, the leading online trusted payment transaction company, to make collecting money quick, easy and secure! Here's how it works:

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Set Up Contributions


SignUp.com Organizer:
Look for this icon to add contribution capabilities to any SignUp.com activity.

Authorize your account at WePay.
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Volunteers and Parents


Select a contribution amount or items to fund right from the SignUp screen. Payment is quickly authorized from any credit card or bank account. No WePay account required!

Safe & Secure ON SignUp.com!

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Collect Funds


Money will be sent right to your WePay account! Transfer it to your bank account or request a check!

Quick. Easy. Secure!

LOW COST: No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no hidden fees. Service charge deducted from contributions.
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