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Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Churches and Nonprofits (sponsored)


Looking for fresh fundraising ideas?

Even the most successful fundraising ideas may start to get tired - supporters get tired of buying the same product year after year, or some fundraisers may become too labor intensive for your parent or volunteer community. A switch to a fresh fundraising idea may be all that's needed to both inspire your community AND increase the profits to your organization.
Need to start a new fundraiser or just get some new fundraising ideas?

Getting Help to Run Your Fundraiser

Since you're looking for fundraising ideas, you may be planning an event and needing volunteers to help it be successful! VolunteerSpot's free and easy online sign up sheets make it a snap to invite helpers and have volunteers signup to support your fundraiser. Create your fundraiser signup sheet or signup calendar using our simple planning wizard and invite volunteers to choose their spots. With the click of a mouse or a tap on their phone, they can quickly choose any shift or job, or even something to bring to the fundraiser - like cookies or cupcakes for a bake sale. You'll be amazed at how quickly your signups fill up, and automated reminder messages help your volunteers keep their commitments and show up when they are needed.


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