New Feature Announcement: Two NEW Ways to Collect Funds

Money Collection with PayPal and Stripe

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to collect money* from your supporters on SignUp! Introducing NEW Payments Partners Stripe & PayPal – empowering Organizers to collect money for fundraisers, class fees, gifts for teachers and coaches, t-shirts, tickets, membership dues and more. Easy setup, collection and tracking – always secure! Choose the partner that works best for your group:

  • Stripe has a simple setup and a quick mobile interface for your supporters to pay via credit card.
  • PayPal will link to your Organization’s current PayPal account and supporters will have the option to pay via credit card, PayPal or Venmo.

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How It Works

It's a breeze to collect money with SignUp – whether you are collecting contributions for a gift to your favorite do-gooder or a donation to a nonprofit you hold dear, or gathering money for team t-shirts, virtual raffle tickets, membership fees, and more! Get all the details for setting up a SignUp to collect money, tracking payments and withdrawing funds here at SignUp's Help Center.

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Alert: If you have a current SignUp collecting money powered by WePay, please login and select a new payments partner to continue receiving contributions. Your SignUp screens and invitation link will remain the same. (WePay has exited the individual payments business.)

*US and Canadian Currency only.

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