Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising Ideas for Schools & PTAs

Raising Funds is Easy with SignUp and MemberHub!

Struggling with how to overcome your pandemic loss in fundraising dollars while prepping for a new school year? Don’t lose any sleep wondering how to hit your lofty goals – we know you’ll be pulling double duty, so we’re here to help!  We’ve got awesome ideas for virtual and hybrid fundraisers – and it’s easier than ever to raise funds when you use SignUp and MemberHub! 

Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising Ideas for Schools & PTAs

Get Your Fundraising On

Whether you want to host an all-virtual fundraiser or supplement your (socially-distanced) in-person event with online options for communication, donations, and self-management for participants – we’ve got some great fundraising ideas to kick off your best fundraising season yet!  

  • Auctions – ask local businesses for auction-item donations in exchange for marketing or have participants make items to be auctioned off (like student-made art and crafts).  
    Pro Tip:
     Our partner, MemberHub, offers easy online bidding – set minimum bids and increments for each of your auction items. Your bidders can easily bid online or through their mobile phones.

  • A-thons – take pledges per-lap, per-hour, per-word, per - whatever makes sense for your fundraiser.   

    • Bike-a-thon  

    • Dance-a-thon  

    • Jog-a-thon  

    • Book-a-thon  

    • Serve-a-thon   

    • Skip-a-thon  

    • Spell-a-thon  

    • Sport-a-thon  

    • Walk-a-thon  

Pro Tip: MemberHub offers automated collection – no more manually collecting funds! When your a-thon fundraiser ends, the platform automatically charges your supporters.  

  • Events – ask an instructor to donate her or his time and ask attendees for donations to participate.   

    • Cooking class  

    • Fitness class  

    • Craft session (think knitting, crocheting, a seasonally-themed craft, etc.)  

    • Movie night  

    • Painting or drawing class  

Pro Tip: Take advantage of smart management with MemberHub – manage your event check-ins and donations. Get instant notifications when attendees register for your event.  

  • Competitions – ask viewers of the competitive event to make donations on behalf of their favorite player or participant (bet on who will win, donate when a certain milestone is achieved, pay to initiate an action, etc.) and give a prize to the participant that collects the most.   

    • Online gaming tournament  

    • Online trivia  

    • Virtual talent show  

    • Virtual dares (who can do the most?)  

Pro Tip: Check out mobile giving with MemberHub – your supporters can give from any device by browser, text-to-give, and Apple Pay/Google Pay.  

  • Raffles – ask local organizations and businesses to donate prizes for your raffle in exchange for promoting them as sponsors (or choose from MemberHub’s prize list ), and MemberHub will help you do the rest!  
    Pro Tip:
     Get simple ticketing with MemberHub – enjoy best-in-class raffle ticket options for your fundraiser. Sell online and printed tickets to customize your campaign.

  • Sweepstakes – think “trip giveaway” (who doesn’t like to travel?) for the prize and request donations for entries.  
    Pro Tip: Set up a branded page with MemberHub – easily create a beautiful auction, event, sweepstakes, or crowdfunding pages, branded with your logo, domain, colors, content, built-in FAQs, and official rules.

  • Online product fundraisers – set up an online storefront  to sell your merchandise.   

    • Digital cookbook sales  

    • Online spirit merchandise sales  

    • A swiper for in-person sales  

    • Partnered givebacks  (feature special offers in your store and get about 20% of all sales donated back)  

Pro Tip: Create your flexible e-storefront with MemberHub – sell anything and quickly promote items through social media.  

With MemberHub and SignUp, you can rest easy tonight knowing we’re here to support your fundraising plans – you’ve got this!  


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