For over 12 years, SignUp has been the go-to resource for all-things planning: school events, potlucks, community clean-ups, and fun runs. Find a unique partner in SignUp to create custom campaigns and content that directly hits your target demographic of W25-54 with school-aged kids. Stand out in a uniquely safe, uncluttered environment where your message and brand are sure to resonate with our community of 22M+ organizers and participants.

Custom Campaigns:

  • Digital
  • Email
  • Native Content
  • Lead Generation
  • Audience Insights, and More!

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" SignUp connects Lands’ End with highly engaged moms who remain long-term customers even after the first contact."

~ Sr. Marketing Manager, Land’s End

" Thank you so much for making coordinating parents in my kindergarten classroom so EASY! It has saved me a ton of time and I really appreciate the reminders that get sent out. I will use this program FOREVER. Thank you for offering it as a free service. It is too good to be true. "

~ Kathy D., Wexford, PA


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