5 Steps to Team Snack Success for Parents

Little League, swim teams, soccer clubs and more are in full swing this season - make sure your team parents are on track for snack success with these 5 tips!

1. Start early. Buy the snack the first day of the season and just wait for your turn -  sports drinks and granola bars keep in your pantry, and then you can pick up fresh fruit  the night before the game. 

2. Ask about food allergies. Nut-free is practically the norm these days when it comes to shared snacks with kids, but also make sure you’re aware of other food allergies on the team as well as dietary restrictions.

3. Volunteer to organize the snack schedule. Don’t want to be caught emty handed when your turn to bring snack suddenly pops up? Volunteer to organize team parents instead; set up an online signup sheet using VolunteerSpot’s free snack scheduler – there may be enough spots filled without you contributing too; plus, team parents can check their commitment anytime from their smartphone, swap spots if they can’t make it, and rely on automated email reminders. Click HERE to get started

4. Stay stocked. Keep a cooler in the car with a roll of paper towels & tube of wet wipes.  You can always drop in the convenience store for extra food and drink items.

5. Think healthy snacks.  With pick-up schedules and late dinners, kids can be mighty hungry by practice.  Avoid sugar-filled empty calories and make healthy choices.  Need inspiration, check out VolunteerSpot’s free TeamSnack eBook below!  


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