Feature Announcement: Text (SMS) Reminders with SignUp!

At SignUp, we know you rely on us... and your busy Participants rely on our automated email reminders and calendar sync to follow through on their commitments. Now we’re making it even easier to remind Participants on-the-go! Text (SMS) Reminders are now available on all SignUps of Premium, Campus, and Organization Plan members in the US, Canada, and Australia (standard carrier charges apply).  

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SignUp Feature SMS Text Reminders

Text Reminders for NEW SignUps

When new Participants sign up, they will be asked for their Name and Phone number, as usual. Under the phone number there will be a check box to select in order to receive reminders via text message.  

Text reminders option for new signups

Participants will receive both text and email reminders when specified in the Organizer’s SignUp’s Settings tab (via the Email Preferences screen). The default reminder setting is 2 days before each Participant’s assignment, but can be set to anytime 1 to 7 days prior.

Text Reminders for EXISTING SignUps

If you have an EXISTING (ongoing) SignUp, new Participants will be prompted with the option to have reminders sent via text (same as for new SignUps).

Participants with current assignments won’t be prompted to enter a phone number again and will not see the Text Reminder option. They can opt-in to Text Reminders in the My Info screen in the Participant view of the SignUp: 

1. First, the Participant will access the SignUp by clicking the link in any confirmation message. (The site will recognize the Participant when entering the SignUp via this link.)

2. Next, from a computer, the Participant will see the My Info icon (head/shoulders blue icon) in the upper left side of the screen. The Participant will click on the icon, then will choose to opt-in to text reminders. If viewing on a mobile device, the option will be in the three-bar menu in the My Info section.

SignUp Reminders on iPhone