SignUp Premium Features for Power Planners

Take Your Organizer Game to the Next Level!

Ever wonder how Angie (the seemingly superhero co-worker, parent, and community leader) manages to get it all done? How does she find the time to recruit volunteers for company service days, organize her son’s baseball team fundraisers, lead the PTA’s efforts, coordinate her neighborhood mutual aid group, AND hold down a full-time job?! Here’s her secret – online SignUps with a multitude of features that help Organizers get it all done while keeping everyone on track!

SignUp Features for Power Planners

While our Basic (free) service is packed with helpful features, our Premium Plans make participant management surprisingly SIMPLE with power features that “up” your game. Here are some of our Organizer favorites: 


Text (SMS) Reminders: Keep busy Participants on-track with automated text (SMS) reminders (available in the US, Canada and Australia). 


Custom Participant Form Fields: From t-shirt size, to emergency contacts and meal preferences – collect the exact information you need, no matter the type of event, with custom participant questions.

Custom Participant Fields on iPhone

Rolling Locks: Set a time for the SignUp to automatically open and/or close on an ongoing basis, such as releasing a new day of appointments one week ahead and/or closing each day the night before the activity to prevent schedule changes.


Service Hours Tracking: Whether you’re tracking participation for volunteer recognition, player bond, service requirements or grants, our custom hours-tracking reporting (within a single SignUp or across your entire Organization) makes things easy. 


Add-a-Spot: Helpful for coordinating office hours, interview events and community mutual aid – quickly invite others to add appointments, shifts, and needs to your SignUp directly from the Participant view. 

SignUp Add-a-Spot

Limit Spots: Have an abundance of participation? Set a limit for the number of times each Participant can sign up per day, per week, or per SignUp.


Waitlist Notifications: Keep everyone in-the-know – notify Participants when popular Spots open up or when new dates are added to the SignUp calendar. 

Money Collection: Collect funds from your supporters for fundraisers, club fees, gifts for teachers and coaches, t-shirts, tickets, membership dues, and more.

Collect Money Online with SignUp

Now you're in on the Power Planners' secret  upgrade today and go use your newfound wisdom to make amazing things happen!

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