Planning Computer Science Activities & Events

Technology is everywhere, and the knowledge base of what our kids need to succeed in a fast-paced, ever-changing economy has become more code driven. A proud member of the Computer Science for All (CSforAll) consortium fostered by the President earlier this year, SignUp.com has partnered with organizations who seek to make computer science and coding more accessible for students and their parents –and dare we say it? A lot more easy and fun!

More and more students of all ages and experience levels are participating in coding classes and camps, and at events such as Hours of Code, Family Code Night, Robotics competitions, hackathons, and science fairs. Supporting and growing these types of educational activities requires a lot of planning and coordination. SignUp.com makes it easy for teachers and leaders to coordinate mentors, volunteers and participants resulting in maximum participation and successful outcomes with a minimum of administrative work. 

Tips for planning a successful computer science events and activities:

  • Plan early to give people plenty of time to get the event on their calendars, and then invite them again 3 weeks and 2 weeks out
  • Schedule the number of volunteers you actually need --people hate to show up when they aren’t needed
  • Get specific with any prerequisites, special skills or requirements for participants and volunteers
  • Focus on the small stuff. Walk through the event in your mind, noticing the details. Where will people park? What will people need to bring? Do they check in at the office? Where are the restrooms?
  • Schedule the refreshments! Keeping people fed and hydrated while coding makes for a better experience
  • Start and end on time- this keeps people coming back
  • For ongoing program support, set the schedule at least a month in advance so volunteers and mentors can plan their commitments.
  • Have fun! SignUp.com has your back

Here are some great ways our free and simple SignUp solutions that are used by computer science groups across the country:

  • Sign up parents and volunteers for Family Code Night Events. (Learn how to bring Family Code night to your school) SignUp.com provides real-time eCalendar syncing and automated reminders to ensure busy families show up!
  • Run Hour of Code events in any setting simply and easily by organizing presenters, participants and even refreshments!
  • Register teams and organize volunteers and mentors to run Robotics and LEGO league activities, tournaments, and to schedule lab time
  • Volunteer and participant registration for hackathons has never been easier (or faster!)
  • Volunteers and mentors to help teachers learn more about Computer Science and how to integrate coding into their lessons
  • Classroom mentors and volunteers to support students learning to code
  • Register students, leaders and volunteers to host after school coding clubs, classes and activities

Whatever you’re organizing, SignUp.com makes it easy to bring CS for All!! Get Started Now >

Code on!