SignUp.com at the White House!

On September 14, 2016, SignUp.com proudly joined the Computer Science For All initiative at the White House! Watch the recorded live-stream event - click here.

During the beginning of the State of the Union address in January, 2016, President Obama launched Computer Science for All (CSforAll), a bold new initiative aimed at giving students from kindergarten through high school an opportunity to learn computer science -- focusing on the thinking skills they need to become the leaders and designers of our digital economy. As part of the initiative, the President issued a broad call to action to expand computer science (CS) in K-12 classrooms, calling on Governors, Mayors, companies, foundations, non-profits, tech entrepreneurs and education leaders to do more to make this critical subject available to students.

At SignUp.com, we recognize that parents are an untapped resource in the CSforAll movement, and play a critical role in supporting computer science education in their schools and at home. Because of our unique reach to active parents and volunteers who are involved in local schools, we’ve been invited to join the CSforAll Consortium and to help scale the good work of nonprofit MV Gate, an organization working to bring computer science education to K-5 students.

Our CEO, Karen Bantuveris, joined partners MV Gate and Watch D.O.G.S. (a National father-school service organization) at the White House to proudly introduce Family Code Night to the broader CSforAll community and to families across America. Family Code Night is a fun, FREE program introducing elementary school families to computer science, and with our downloadable kit, it couldn't be easier to implement. Kids who don’t have a basic working knowledge of coding will be at a disadvantage to their more tech-savvy peers. Family Code Night is a memorable, parent-led, whole-school event aimed at bridging that gap. 

Learn more about bringing computer science education to your school and community: 

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