Holiday Class Party Checklist

Free Downloadable Class Party Checklist

Taking on the super duties of being a room parent this year? SignUp.com is your go-to class party destination! Check out these class party reminders below (and use the free, downloadable checklist for Thanksgiving and holiday/winter season at the bottom - simply click and print)!

Printable Checklist

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Before the Party

- Ask teacher for start/end times
- What will party activities does the teacher want?
     - Craft?
     - Book?
     - Game?
     -  Song
     - Snack
- What simple decorations do you want?
     - Colorful Tablecloth
     - Balloons

- Alert parents bringing food about:

     - School snack guidelines (store-bought, no candy, nut-free, etc.)
     - Student food allergies

- Package crafts into small group kits and check with teacher if supplies like glue and scissors are needed
-  Will there be party prizes (stickers, pencils, etc.)
- Package clean-up supplies (paper towels, table wipes, trash bags)
- Tell parents where to park and how to check in to the school

At the Party

- Arrive 15 minutes early to find parking and set up   TIP: Bring supplies in a wagon or roller cart
- Remind parent helpers to set phones to silent
- Designate a parent to take photos
- Divide room into activity stations (craft, story, snack, etc.)
- Set silent phone alarms to remind you to rotate stations so all kids try every station
- Have FUN and don't sweat the small stuff the Kids will LOVE this special day!
- End on time and clean up

After the Party

- Thank parent volunteers (using SignUp.com)
- Share photos with teacher and parents
- Celebrate a job well done!