Printable Bingo Cards: Fun Fall Classroom Party Activity

Free Downloadable Class Party Activity - Printable Bingo Cards for Fall

Are you the room parent or volunteer helping to plan this year's fall holiday party for the classroom? SignUp.com is your go-to class party destination! Get started planning everything you need for your class party and check out these Fall bingo cards for a fun classroom activity at this year's Halloween party. Hosting a block party this Halloween? Fall Bingo is fun for all!


Recommended Supplies:
Free printable bingo game
White cardstock or copy paper
Bingo chips or small candy pieces like M&Ms, Skittles, or Starbursts to mark the cards

Directions: Print the bingo cards out on paper or card stock. Cut out the pictures on the numbered call out sheet. You may wish to glue the call out sheet to some cardstock or cardboard to make the pieces last longer. (Pro tip: Laminate the bingo cards after printing them to make them reusable. Use dry erase markers to mark the images after they've been called.)

Game Play Instructions: Place the individual numbered callout pieces in a bowl or hat and mix well. Each player gets a bingo card and bingo chips or candy to mark the squares on their scorecard as they are called. Choose a player to read out the name of the picture. Draw one piece at a time. To win a player must cover 5 squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row.

Click on Images Below to Download Printable PDF File that Includes Bingo Call Sheet and Bingo Cards:

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