40+ Years Turning Fun into Funds and Giving Back 

Fundraising with Chuck E. Cheese

Thanks to our sponsor, Chuck E. Cheese, for these tips on fundraising!

Whether you’re leading a non-profit that benefits children or spear-heading this year’s PTO, raising funds to power your good work is top priority! Whether it’s funding the Science Club’s research project or the Fall Scout’s camp-out – you know it will take funding to achieve your goal. Why not partner up with Chuck E. Cheese, kids’ favorite hot spot, to host a fundraising event where we make it easy to Turn Fun into Funds™ giving back!

FUN FACT: Chuck E. Cheese first opened in San Jose, CA in 1977 by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. With over 40 years of expertise in entertaining kids, it’s safe to say that Chuck E. Cheese knows how to please. In those 40+ years, Chuck E. Cheese has given back over $17 million to schools and organizations across the US and Canada! That’s a lot of dough – do you want a piece of that (pizza) pie? Of course, you do!

We know you’ve enjoyed plenty of evenings letting your kids run the show, play games and munch on tasty pizza, but have you ever thought to double up on the opportunity to fundraise while having fun at Chuck E. Cheese? It’s easier than ever to book and host a Fall fundraiser that generates much needed funds as Chuck E. Cheese gives back up to 20% of all sales generated during the event. 

Book Your Event

Booking your event with Chuck E. Cheese is easy! Visit chuckecheese.com or call 1-888-CEC-4FUN to submit a date request.

  Online Booking for Nonprofits

  Online Booking for Schools

Promote Your Fundraiser

Chuck E. Cheese includes all the resources you’ll need to spread the word: printable flyers, online invitations and graphic templates to plug into social posts. Upon request, Chuck E. Cheese will also visit your school or org the day of your event to promote the Fundraiser and generate excitement among the group!

Host Your Event

Let the good times roll with pizza, prizes and profits! Up to 20% of all sales generated during the event will be donated. That includes food, drinks and even play to help raise the funds you need.

Profit from the Fundraiser

Receive your portion of the proceeds from Chuck E. Cheese within 14 days. Deposit that check and apply the funds where they’re needed!

For over 40 years, Chuck E Cheese continues to support deserving organizations within local communities across the U.S. and Canada. Choose Chuck E. Cheese for your next fundraiser and experience how fun and easy it is Turning Fun into Funds™! Learn more here: Fundraisers for Nonprofits or Fundraisers for Schools.