Election Day Potluck

This year in particular, people are interested and invested in politics. Perhaps we are all a little too focused on Democrat versus Republican, though, and we’re missing the all-important “Party” aspect! This year, why not host a potluck dinner party to watch the Election returns? Gather your friends and family to either commiserate or celebrate using these tried and true potluck tips!

Invitations: Send invitation disguised as ballots, or miniature political signs, or simply announce yourself a member of the “Wine Party” and allow your guests to vote red or white. Use SignUp.com's free, online potluck SignUps to create a SignUp with the menu listed and then have people sign up from their smart phones or computers to bring food. SignUp.com will send them automated reminders and put your event on their e-calendars without you having to man the phones.

Decorate: This one is easy –stick to red, white and blue. Red tablecloths, blue napkins, white cutlery—feel free to mix it up.  Have some tiny American flags to stick into the potluck dishes. Have bunches of balloons anchored by straw hats, which can act as party favors at the end of the night. Don’t forget to have tiny “election” signs for people to fill out to identify their food.

Food: Speaking of food, there are lots of great ideas for patriotic dishes. Think Pork(barrel) Tenderloin, “Right” wings,  “Red (velvet) State” cupcakes, etc.. You can even do red, white and blue food! Think skewers of red and blue fruits and berries, do a parfait of red and blue gelatin layered with whip cream, and add blueberries to your caprese salad. Don’t forget themed cookies in donkey and elephant shapes!

Drinks: The temptation might be to serve hard liquor, and lots of it, during this election, but it’s usually a long night, so pour alcohol “conservatively” and sparkling water “liberally.” For a festive libation, layer grenadine, Bailey’s irish cream, and blue raspberry vodka in shot glasses and call it “Liquid America.” (The trick to keeping the colors separated is to pour them slowly over an inverted spoon.)

Once the party details are handled, fire up the screens to watch the election results. If that’s a little too much reality for you and your guests, put on patriotic movies like “Apollo 13,” “Top Gun,” or “The Campaign.” Have fun and remember to keep it friendly and light—regardless of who wins in November, we all have to live together afterward!