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Store Front Sign-up Stater Bros & Irvine

Please have your volunteers check in with the Store Manager prior to soliciting and adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Be neat, clean, and fully attired

2) Be clearly identifiable

3) Stay to the sides of outside front entry/exit doors. Do not obstruct customers going into or coming out of the store. Portable canopies, EZ-Ups, and umbrellas are not permitted.

4) Be polite to Stater Bros. Customers

5) Do not be aggressive or offensive and do not follow customers to their vehicles or solicit in the parking lot.

6) There will not be more than Four (4) volunteers at the store at any given time. (One volunteer must be an adult). Volunteers are authorized at only one entry door.

Store Managers may revoke your authorization to solicit at any time for failure to follow our guidelines or if complaints are received concerning the offensive manner or conduct of your volunteers

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