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Is it worth fighting gambling addiction

Gambling addiction manifests itself in approximately 2-3% of the adult population (data for the United States). The American Psychiatric Association has classified this phenomenon as a dangerous mental illness. Avid gambling addicts inflict irreparable damage not only on their financial well-being, but also destroy their own families and social ties.

How do you become gambling addicts?

An increased propensity for gambling addiction most often manifests itself at a young age. The availability of gambling contributes greatly to this. It is for this reason that in many countries where gambling is legalized, there is an age limit for players. This is usually 18 years old.

The main reasons for gambling addiction:

  • feeling of easy money. For some people, it is enough to get a good win once and feel an adrenaline rush, in order to then start chasing this sensation without looking at their own capabilities;
  • feeling of unfulfillment. If a person has few achievements in "real" life, then he tries to compensate for this fact by achieving success in the game;
  • status. Cinematography and glamorous celebrity reports have firmly linked casinos to images of success;
  • addiction of any kind. It is associated with the peculiarities of the psyche. A person with the same success can get involved in both gambling and computer games.

How explain https://thebestcanadiancasinos.com/ the difference between computer and gambling is that in the case of gambling addiction, the player spends not only time, but also a large amount of money. And then he goes all out to get money for the game.

Is it worth fighting gambling addiction

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