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Sunny Patch Project

We couldn't do this work without you!  We're an ALL volunteer nonprofit (Good Worx Inc.) serving Darien and neighboring communities.  Consider joining our growing community!

Thanks for checking into how you can get involved in this rewarding community growing project. We're working together to raise awareness about food insecurity and the fact that many of our neighbors are struggling to access food on a regular basis, especially garden fresh food choices. 

For our fifth growing season we have even more ways to get involved!  You will now be able to consider helping at one of our many growing sites around the community or you might consider joining us to rescue food weekly.

As of June 1, we will have a Sunny Patch community garden space located close to you!

Sunny Patch Community Farm - located at 7361 Park Ave., Darien.  This community space is intended to serve as a sustainable agriculture demonstration Farm and eventual Food Forest.  We will be sharing any vegetable yields from this community space with our network of at-risk families and local food pantries.  Come learn more about composting, vegetable and cut flower production, chicken keeping and more...

Sunny Patch - Located on the west lawn of Lace Elementary, 7400 Cass Ave.  This site is for both volume and custom production of vegetables and herbs.  We also have a compost system on-site here.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Food Pantry - Pantry Patch (17 Patches) Volume food production for OLMC Food Pantry.

Hinsdale District 86 Transition Center - Small food production/sensory gardens.

Darien Sportsplex/SEASPAR - 5 planter boxes-small vegetable and sensory gardens to benefit our network and the SEASPAR Eagles for their daily meal preparation.

Sunny Patch Project