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From Questions to Context

How to Begin an Essay

Not sure how to start your paper? Try introducing your essay with a question, shocking statement, or background information. The introduction of your paper is likely the most important aspect in that if you can't hook your reader if you don't convince them to keep reading, it really doesn't matter what else you write; you've already lost them. That makes one of the most challenging aspects of writing an essay just knowing how to begin. That's a tip from experienced experts of the Write My Essay SOS service. The purpose of an introduction is to compel the audience to continue reading, while simultaneously leading into a strong thesis, which is what can make it so difficult. How can you achieve such a delicate balance?

Rhetorical Question

You can always begin your essay with the classic rhetorical question, but be sure you know exactly what that means. By definition, a rhetorical question is an inquiry that is posed but is not meant to be answered. Instead, its goal is to spark critical thought in the minds of the audience. It’s not a simple as it like you pay for homework.

Background Information or Context

This type of introduction is best when dealing with an obscure or historical topic. Consider starting with a summary statement that answers who, what, when, where, why, and/or how. You might also relate how your subject fits into the present-day or its historical context so that your reader has a better understanding of why this topic is so relevant. Your first lines should still be compelling and include some interesting details, but by starting with the background information you enable the body paragraphs of your essay to be devoted to proving your point instead of filling in the gaps.

From Questions to Context