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What are Toxic Backlinks and What To Do

Backlinking plays the most prominent role in supporting your website to secure the top position in the SERPs. While you are getting a backlink for your website, you should inspect carefully so that those links won't turn out as broken links. Until the day, hundreds of algorithm changes have been made to provide the best SEO optimization experience possible. Many tools and guidelines have been conducted to make the process easier and understandable to everyone. Therefore, the necessity for quality backlinks has increased to a great extent because it actually produces organic traffic.

However, there are various types of backlinks exist out there. Simply put, backlinks are links generated from one website page to another website. While the backlinks gain momentum from the Google, people started to misuse it with various tools.

This article intends to help you understand what toxic backlinks are, and how to identify and remove them.

What are Toxic Backlinks?

To define toxic backlinks, it refers to the links that are produced from other websites that affect the ranking of your website. Sometimes, site owners use link building schemes to manipulate Google’s PageRank.

Toxic backlinks usually come from:

1. Websites with poor security

2. Websites that violate Google’s guidelines

3. Mirrored pages

4. Spam sites that were created for link building

5. Blog comments

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