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Creatives Tribal Collab

Calling all creatives out there who want an opportunity to share your work, develop your thoughts, and be a part of a tribal collab!

We host Open Mics, Poetry Nights, Concerts, and Performances in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

We collaborate on songwriting, sound equipment, performance strategies, and networking.

We share ideas, support each other in creatively expressing themselves through music, poetry, storytelling, comedy, and art.

Most of all we support each other. We are a tribe of creatives who love to have fun!

Creatives Tribal Collab is a project of the 501(c)(3) organization, Caring Hearts and Voices who are dedicated to supporting those in need through music. For more information on Caring Hearts and Voices, visit http://www.CaringHeartsandVoices.org .

Creatives Tribal Collab

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