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2018 National Fly-Fishing Championship

Besides accepting registrations of competitors and teams, we are appealing for volunteers to serve as controllers for the competition sessions Wed-Fri June 6th-8th, and other duties throughout the event. For volunteers with varying levels of fishing experience, it will be a great opportunity to learn from highly skilled anglers using various techniques on the water to catch and release good numbers of trout. Controllers spend a day or half-day on the riverbank or pond and record numbers of fish landed by competitors during fishing sessions. Controllers’ names will be entered in a draw, one per session controlled, for prizes to be awarded at the closing ceremonies banquet.

There will be two Volunteer/Controller Info/Training Sessions:

 Sunday June 3rd, 2pm. Time and Location to be confirmed.

Tuesday June 5th, 10am. Time and Location to be confirmed.

Volunteers can attend one or both sessions, as the same information and training will be provided.

Contact Ernie Kalwa at nffc2018@gmail.com for further details. See the Signup below.

2018 National Fly-Fishing Championship

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