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Volunteering Opportunities

Caitlin's Smiles is "powered by a passionate group of volunteers" - we could not reach the hospitalized children that we do without our wonderful volunteers.  We have many volunteering opportunities every week, including

  • making "homemade" craft kits,
  • decorating gift bags,
  • staffing the reception desk,
  • making copies,
  • cutting paper and foam sheets, 
  • running craft donation drives,
  • organizing and helping with fundraisers,
  • entering data, 
  • and more!

Check out the opportunities here on VolunteerSpot - there's something for almost everyone!

  • Anyone elementary school age/ability or older can volunteer for Caitlin's Smiles. We will tailor the activities to the abilities of the volunteers. Children age 13 years and under must be accompanied by parent or grandparent.

  • Caitlin’s Smiles welcomes volunteers with special needs who are accompanied by an aide.  The aide must assist the special needs individual during the entire volunteer time.

  • We do not take walk-in volunteers.  All volunteers must schedule their time with us prior to coming in. Our volunteer center is often very busy and our staff is limited. You can call or email to schedule your time with us - or sign up on our VolunteerSpot!

Volunteering Opportunities

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