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Flint Water Office Claims Appointments

Please look through the available day and time slots below. If you have to cancel an appointment, we ask that you kindly cancel at least 24 hours in advance to free up appointments for other claimants.

When you arrive for your appointment, please bring the following documents ready:

  1. Claims Packet
  2. Supporting documents: provide one or more of the following supporting documents from the "Supporting Documents" page on the FlintWaterJustice.com website:


If you have already registered online for the settlement, please visit the following website for your official claims forms:


If you are filing a claim for yourself or as a couple, please select one (1) 30-minute time slot.

If you are filing a claim for a family (or more than 2 people), please select two (2) 30-minute time slots next to each other.

Note: If you Registered and DID NOT receive a Claims Form, please call the Claims Administrator ARCHER at 800-493-1754.

Flint Water Office Claims Appointments

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