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Albany Civic Theater 23-24 Season

Thanks for volunteering at Albany Civic Theater! Here you will find all the the positions to sign up  for during the 2023-2024 season. 

Ushers: Responsibilities include some light cleaning before a show, taking people to their seats, being friendly and helping the house manager put out cookies. There are seats set aside so that the  ushers may can stay and watch the show.

Head Usher: Responsibilities of an usher, but also must check tickets and greet people at the door. The head usher has a guaranteed seat P3, since they also must direct late comers to seats and be responsible for any hiccups in the house during the show. House managers get to sign up for head usher first, but if no one is signed up 3 days before a performance, anyone can take the head usher spot. 

House Manager: Responsibilities include light cleaning, placing out cookies, being responsible for tip money, in charge of ushers, and other small duties listed in the binder on the counter. They must stay in the lobby during the play.

Albany Civic Theater 23-24 Season