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It’s A Great Time To Be Single

Single doesn’t mean alone, it means to STAND alone. Big difference. Single doesn’t mean lonely, it doesn’t mean bitter, it doesn’t mean not good enough, it doesn’t mean commitment issues, it doesn’t mean immature, or selfish, or unsettled. Single is simply a choice. And being single doesn’t define a person no more than being married does.

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A very important part of being single and creating a healthy dating life is being proud of your current conditions, if not proud, at least accepting of them. Despite what you may hear from your peers, despite what your parents say, despite what you THOUGHT your life would look like at your age, despite all the negatives that sometime leave you wondering, “maybe there is something wrong with me?” you have to know that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. There could be a whole truckload and then some of reasons why you are still single, none of them mean failure, defeat, or incompetence. 

It’s A Great Time To Be Single