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Dale Fisk Memorial Concert June 24, 2023

Saturday, June 24 at 4:00 pm at St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon, we will gather to sing praises to God and remember Dale Fisk (1940-2022). All Concordia Portland choir alumni are invited to sing in the choir. The concert will be open to the public and followed by a social gathering to reminisce.

6 anthems have been chosen for the choir to sing, a Christi Crux Chorale piece plus several hymns for all in attendance. 

To join the alumni choir please let us know you're coming by clicking the SignUp link below. We will need a phone and email so we can send out music in advance. 

Rehearsals will be Friday, June 23 from 5-7 pm, Saturday June 24 from 9-11am. Watch for more details on Facebook or this page. We will directly email those who sign up. 

The concert is being held the same weekend as the Concordia Alumni Reunion but this signup is only for choir participation. More information about the reunion is available on Facebook.

Please spread the word to other former choir members who you know might be interested. Thank you

Lynette Fisk, Roger Howard, Julie Bedard

Dale Fisk Memorial Concert June 24, 2023

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