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Stamp Design

Modern businessmen no longer need to necessarily produce a seal for their organization. Electronic signatures have been in use for a long time, with which it is perfectly possible to certify various documents. But in some cases, printing may be needed. For example, some banks may simply refuse to open an account and conduct cash settlement transactions without printing.

There are no clear rules in this regard: you can even order a print in the shape of an irregular octagon with a kitten inside, you just have to pay much more for making such a special print. Plus, not all types of equipment will fit this format.

Where to design? There are also several options

The first is to hire a designer and tell him what you want to get or you can use thв online stamp maker. The designer draws, you pay him money and everyone is satisfied. You refer the finished file with the print layout to the print manufacturer. If everything is fine with your layout and it is ready to work - fine, but, unfortunately, this does not always happen. Most often, the layout has to be finalized, and you have to pay extra for this.

The second option is to use the built-in online designer on the site of the manufacturer of the seals. Here you choose a design option from several dozen proposed, enter the necessary data, attach the necessary documents to the order (for example, a doctor’s diploma, if you need a doctor’s personal seal) and send an application. There will be no non-standard options, such as the above polygon with a kitten, but classic round seals will be enough.

If you are afraid that your stamp may be falsified and used for fraudulent purposes, take care of its protection against falsification. For this, different methods are used. The simplest is the introduction of small, difficult to reproduce elements into the print design. It can be frequent thin lines or guilloche nets, sockets.