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Companion Parrot Re-homed Classes

Companion Parrots Re-homed offers a wide variety of education to enrich your knowledge of avian wellness, behavior, nutrition, an husbandry.  The purpose of these classes is to set you up for a successful lifetime with your parrot. The required classes for adoption are noted with an astrick (*). 

All the classes are free and open to anyone who would like to learn more about parrots. Our required classes are offered on-line. Our workshops and seminars have a nominal fee to attend.

Due to COVID-19 our classes are being offered on-line utilizing MS Teams until further notice. We will not host any in-person classes until further notice.

A minimum enrollment of 5 students is required to avoid class cancellation. If your class is cancelled you will be notified via email 24 hours ahead of time and enrolled in the next date it is available. If you are reside outside of the Charlotte area- please call and confirm (if unable to check email) before traveling to Charlotte.

Companion Parrot Re-homed Classes

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