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However, past and ongoing analysis has proven that there are some regional differences. Among the obvious are the phrases folks use for a similar thing, such as swimwear – preferences for “togs”, “swimmers”, “cossie” or “bathers” range markedly throughout the states and territories.

Words for swimwear around Australia Rosey Billington, Lauren Gawne, Kathleen Jepson, and Jill Vaughan 'Mapping words around Australia'

Where do these linguistic differences stem from?

Australian English developed from the speech of colonists from various elements of the British Isles, so sometimes the word utilized in a particular Australian region is the results of one possibility successful out among people from different British backgrounds.

Others might be derived from the names of individuals or brands, or borrowed from native Indigenous languages.

Each word has its personal historical past, however many words throughout the nation have a shared history - that’s what makes these exceptions stand out.

What’s fascinating is just how neatly some of this variation lines up with state strains, which suggests that there's something extra than simply the historical selections made by colonists or the gap between different places contributing to those differences.

Striking examples of this phenomenon could be seen for border cities corresponding to Albury-Wodonga, where a brief stroll across the bridge means you’ll hear a majority of people utilizing a different word for swimwear.

More ‘bathers’ on the Victorian side of the border, extra ‘swimmers’ on the New South Wales aspect. Rosey Billington, Lauren Gawne, Kathleen Jepson, and Jill Vaughan 'Mapping phrases around Australia' Whether you call your swimwear, togs, bathers, swimsuit, budgie smugglers doesn’t matter, the very fact is you must buy quality Australian Made chlorine resistant swimwear, if you want your swimwear to be comfy and

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