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Central park in Andorra

The central city park in Andorra la Vella is a small green corner in this small city sandwiched between the mountain ranges.

The author of the central park project was the architect Daniel Gilbert Fontova. Magnificent alleys with convenient benches, trees and shrubs, clear reservoirs with clear water look very beautiful against the background of mountain peaks. Over time, the park became a favorite vacation spot for both locals and visitors of the city of Andorra la Vella. People come here to relax, relax and enjoy nature.

How said Andorra tourism official site the central city park of Andorra la Vella is the largest public park in the capital. In the park, everyone can find an interesting activity for themselves. Someone can walk in the shade of park alleys among the picturesque flower beds, and someone will feed the ducks that swim in the small pool. The youngest visitors can have fun on the playground, those who are older - in a special area for youth games. For adults, the central park has a bar-restaurant with a terrace, which offers a unique panoramic view. The park also has a huge parking lot for cars.

In addition, the Andorra la Vella city park has a wonderful rock garden with an amazing rock garden, where you can get to know more about natural treasures. The stone garden has collected stones from all over the country. Here you can see granodiorite, travertine, phyllite, lithium, conglomerate, gneiss, quartzite of two types, shale of all varieties, volcanic rocks and much more. The tablets indicate where this or that stone was mined. Visitors can find out how a particular breed was formed, and how many millions of years it actually took to complete this long process.

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