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Wrapping for Rescue - Save a Life!

It's Wrapping for Rescue Time!

This is a really fun event and a great way to kick-off the holiday season - bring your family and friends to help save a life!

A note about the times - we are committed to the stores from the start time (beginning of first shift) through the end time (end of last shift). Time slots are somewhat flexible within this range, so if there is a time you are available, but it's not shown as an option, PLEASE contact us directly and we will make it work!

Did you adopt from TSBR?

This is the time of year to bring your Ambassadog to an event and help us raise money to save more lives! 

What is an Ambassadog you may ask?

These are well-behaved and social dogs that have been adopted through TSBR that come out to "Wrapping for Rescue" to showcase the amazing and grateful lives we save every day (it helps that they can beg for donations!)! 

Ambassadogs should be friendly, outgoing, and love to be loved on! Sounds like a sporting breed to me!!!

Ambassadogs give the general public an opportunity to see first hand what amazing dogs are available through rescue, and where their money goes! In short, they are the reason for Wrapping for Rescue!

Sign up your Rockin' Holiday Ambassadog today!


  1. Ambassadog's have been adopted through TSBR. If you did not adopt from TSBR, you may request special permission to bring a dog to serve as an Ambassadog for one of these events. This is determined on a case by case basis.
  2. Ambassadog's must be current on vaccinations (please bring a copy). Ambassadogs must behave well in public, be friendly and sociable with ALL people and other dogs (no exceptions).  
Wrapping for Rescue - Save a Life!

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