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SDPC Fete & Auction 2019


Each year, the St Dominic's Priory College Fete & Auction accounts for over 70% of funds raised by the Parents & Friends Association.  Every stall at Fete is a parent-led initiative; staffed wholly by a cohort of dedicated volunteers.

This Sign Up Roster consists of over 500 two hour time slots falling, predominantly, over Fete weekend; each one a vital piece of what makes the SDPC Fete & Auction a memorable family event.  Whether you are new to St Dominic's, or you've been to Fete 'once or twice' before... we welcome you to sign up to a stall now.  

It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, reunite with old friends, and participate in the St Dominic's Priory College Community that is such a fundamental part of your daughters' school life.

SDPC Fete & Auction 2019

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