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Classification of devices in vaping

Classification of devices in vaping For beginners

For beginners, devices like showed here https://vawoo.co.uk/ that are as easy to use as possible are best suited. There are various reasons for switching to vaping, but most of them are related to the desire to quit smoking. Just not many succeed in taking and quitting without auxiliary means. Vape devices for beginners can help with this and make the transition more manageable.

Classic electronic cigarettes

Nowadays it is customary to call all vape devices “electronic cigarettes”, previously this term was used only for devices that looked like a tobacco cigarette in appearance, size and shape. Some manufacturers still continue to produce such devices. Such electronic cigarettes consist of one or two parts and are themselves easy to use. One-piece designs are usually disposable - after emptying the cartomizer, they simply are thrown away. Two-section electronic cigarettes come with replaceable cartridges.

  • Compact size;
  • Ideal for stealthy steaming;
  • Available in foreign online stores;
  • Easy to use.

One of the latest developments in the field of vaping, presented on the market. Pod systems are the most practical and affordable devices. They consist of two parts - a battery and a replaceable cartridge (hearth), which in turn is often designed for multiple use. In addition to mass availability, this type of device is very easy to use and works at a higher level than classic electronic cigarettes. Also, liquids on salt nicotine are often used in hearths, which makes them very effective for satisfying nicotine hunger.

  • Very easy to operate;
  • Practical form factor
  • Reusable or replaceable cartridges;
  • Activation by button or by puff;
  • Ideal for stealthy steaming.

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