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Funeral Ministry

Please consider signing up to help with one of the receptions following the 10:30 funeral. 

Donations of food can be made on either the day before the funeral 9AM to  8PM or the day of the funeral before 9AM. Whenever possible, please bring your food in disposable containers or Ziploc bags. 

Your donations should be placed in the kitchen, either on the back counter or in the fridge (left side of the kitchen). Please remember to write "THE FUNERAL DATE and YOUR NAME" clearly on each label so we can check off your contributions. Please email us at funeralreceptions@stpeterchanel.org if, for some reason, you cannot attend or provide the donation you signed up for so we can plan accordingly. 

Your compassionate hearts and service mean so much to grieving families and are appreciated beyond measure.

Thank you! 

Funeral Ministry