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How to defeat an ulcer

How to defeat an ulcer

Stomach and duodenal ulcers continue to be a serious problem for the population of the entire globe. Having first appeared in the 1st century BC, this pathology, despite all the efforts of doctors, is not yet going to give up. This is eloquently evidenced by disappointing statistics.

Up to 15% of the adult population, the prevailing age of which is 20-50 years old, is susceptible to gastric and duodenal ulcers.

In the USA, England and Germany every tenth person suffers from this disease, in Japan - every fifth. In Russia, more than 1.6 million ulcers are registered with a gastroenterologist. But you can buy aciphex.

Peptic ulcer - the most common type of this disease, a defect in the wall of the gastrointestinal tract. Depending on the place of formation, it is divided into a stomach ulcer (wall of the stomach) and duodenal ulcer (the initial part of the small intestine).

Doctors attribute infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria and regular use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, to the main reasons for the development of peptic ulcers .

In addition, stomach and duodenal ulcers are caused by stress, the use of a combination of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with hormones-corticosteroids, smoking, and alcohol exposure. People with a hereditary predisposition and middle-aged men are at risk.

It is important to note that Helicobacter has been living "in commonwealth" with humans for over 50 thousand years, and a sharp increase in the incidence of peptic ulcer disease has occurred over the past two centuries.