Room Parent Checklist

Free Downloadable Room Parent - Teacher Checklist

Taking on the super duties of being a room parent this year? SignUp.com has your back! Schedule a meeting at the start of the year to learn about your teacher's needs, preferences and expectations. Don't forget to cover these main items below (and use the free, downloadable checklist at the bottom - simply click and print)!

Room Parent - Teacher Checklist Items:

  • Contact information: How does the teacher prefer to be contacted by you and by the other class parents? What are school policies for gathering and releasing parent contact information? Does your teacher use Reminder or another service to reach out to students and families?

  • Ongoing volunteer support needs: What volunteer jobs repeat week to week? I.e., table-time helpers, weekly readers, science lab & materials prep, recess supervisors, copy/folder helpers. Would you teacher like to set up a full-semester SignUp.com online volunteer calendar to coordinate parents?

  • Classroom activity dates and support needs: When are larger activities and events happening and will your teacher need parent support? I.e., field trips, career day, open-house, assemblies.

  • Any forms or waivers parents need to sign for certain volunteer jobs like driving on field trips? Where do these need to be turned in?

  • School activity dates and support needs: Are there holiday performances, fundraisers, and other school-wide events your teacher will need classroom participation from parents in?

  • School Supplies: What does the teacher need that (s)he would have to pay for out-of-pocket?  Can parents help? I.e., tissues, antibacterial wipes, art supplies, dry-erase markers, glue.

  • Teacher’s “favorites”: Find out what (s)he likes as a gift guide for parents and thinking ahead to Teacher Appreciation Week. I.e., favorite meal, beverage, restaurant, store, treat, charity, sports team, hobbies, etc. Download our free printable teacher survey here.

  • Classroom party dates and plans: Get all the details on class parties so you can spend more time planning FUN celebrations and less time scrambling last-minute.

- How many class parties will you have and when? Who plans (teacher or parents)?

- Food requirements (healthy or sweets)?

- Food allergy considerations?

- Timing and activities/games/crafts?

  • Student Birthdays: Are parents allowed to bring in food like cupcakes? If not, what is the plan for celebrating if so, i.e. birthday child gets a balloon on their day waiting attached to their chair or birthday child brings their favorite book to the class to add to the library.

  • Does the teacher allow the room parent to collect money from class parents? I.e., to cover costs of all parties, teachers gifts etc. If so, how are you allowed to collect money - with SignUp.com, or cash box?

  • Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling: Find out if the teacher schedules conferences herself or would like your help and when they will happen.

  • Don't forget to use SignUp.com to coordinate parent volunteers, class parties, teacher gifts and more! 

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