Helpful Classroom Hacks for Teachers

Tips & Tricks for Organization, Decor & More! 

Teachers, get ready to transform your classroom into a more organized, efficient, and engaging space with our latest collection of classroom hacks! From repurposing everyday items for storage to incorporating flexible seating options and utilizing digital tools, we’ve compiled a variety of tips and tricks to help you stay organized and make your classroom a place where both you and your students can thrive. Read on to discover how small changes can make a big difference in your classroom dynamics!

classroom hacks for teachers

Classroom Supplies & Organization Hacks 

Implementing organization and supplies management hacks like these can help streamline classroom management and make your supplies last longer!

Mason Jars or Cans for Utensils: Repurpose mason jars or tin cans to store pens, pencils, and markers on your desk or shelves. You can decorate them to match your classroom theme for added aesthetic appeal.

Shoe Organizers for Small Items: Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door or on a wall to store small items like glue sticks, erasers, rulers, and calculators. This keeps them easily accessible and saves space

Clear Storage Bins with Labels: Use clear bins to store different supplies such as markers, crayons, scissors, etc. Label each bin clearly to make it easy for both you and your students to find what they need.

Drawer Dividers: Utilize drawer dividers in desk drawers or storage cabinets to keep small items like paper clips, rubber bands, and sticky notes organized and separate.

Binder Clips for Cable Management: Use binder clips to keep cables and cords for electronic devices organized and prevent them from tangling. Attach the binder clips to the edge of desks or tables and thread the cables through the metal loops.

Stackable Letter Trays: Invest in stackable letter trays to organize papers, assignments, and handouts. You can label each tray for different classes or subjects to keep everything sorted.

Hanging File Folders: Install a file organizer on a wall or the back of a door to store important documents, lesson plans, and graded papers. This keeps them visible and easily accessible while freeing up desk space.

Book Bins or Shelves: Use book bins or shelves to organize textbooks, novels, and other reading materials. Label each bin or shelf by genre, reading level, or subject to help students find books independently.

Magazine Holders for Construction Paper: Store construction paper and cardstock in magazine holders vertically to prevent bending and wrinkling. This also makes it easy to see the different colors at a glance. 

Rolling Cart for Portability: Invest in a rolling cart with multiple shelves or drawers to store frequently used supplies such as extra notebooks, art supplies, or manipulatives. This allows you to move supplies around the classroom as needed and keeps them within reach during lessons.

Classroom Decor Hacks 

Using classroom decor hacks like these can help create a welcoming and engaging learning environment that reflects your personality and teaching style.

Wall Decals or Stickers: Use removable wall decals or stickers to add colorful and themed decorations to your classroom walls without damaging the paint. They come in various designs and are easy to apply and remove. 

Voice-Level Tap Lights: Affix tap lights to your wall or bulletin board for cool decor that helps control the noise level in your classroom.

Bulletin Board Borders: Instead of using traditional bulletin board borders, try using washi tape or patterned duct tape to add flair to bulletin boards, door frames, or whiteboards. These tapes come in a variety of colors and designs and are easy to apply and remove. 

Anchor Charts and Posters: Use Canva to make your anchor charts and posters, then project the image and trace.

Fabric Bulletin Boards: Cover bulletin boards with fabric instead of paper for a more durable and professional-looking display. Choose fabrics in bright colors or patterns that complement your classroom theme.

Student Art Galleries: Create a designated space in the classroom to showcase student artwork. Use clipboards, string, or clothespins to hang artwork on walls or bulletin boards, allowing students to take pride in their creations and contributions to the classroom decor.

Themed Classroom Zones: Divide the classroom into themed zones such as a reading corner, a math center, or a science station. Use rugs, curtains, and themed decorations to delineate each area and make them visually appealing and functional.

Flexible Seating Options: Incorporate flexible seating options such as bean bag chairs, floor cushions, or wobble stools into your classroom decor. These alternative seating arrangements not only add visual interest but also provide students with comfortable and ergonomic seating choices.

Interactive Word Walls: Create an interactive word wall using magnetic letters, Velcro strips, or clothespins to display vocabulary words, sight words, or student-generated words. Encourage students to interact with the word wall by adding new words or using them in sentences.

Classroom Mascot or Theme: Choose a classroom mascot or theme to tie together your decor elements. Whether it's animals, superheroes, or a favorite book character, incorporating a consistent theme can create a cohesive and inviting classroom environment.

DIY Ceiling Decorations: Hang homemade mobiles, paper lanterns, or origami creations from the ceiling to add visual interest and depth to the classroom decor. Use fishing line or ribbon to suspend decorations at varying heights for a dynamic effect.

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Classroom Electronics Hacks 

Using By incorporating these electronic classroom hacks, you can leverage technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences while promoting digital literacy and responsible use of technology among students.

Online Scheduling Tools: Use a free scheduling platform like SignUp to efficiently manage parent volunteers and student helpers, student tutoring appointments, parent meetings, student presentations, and more. 

Guided Access Setting (for iPad usage in class): Keep your students focused on the lesson by eliminating the temptation to play on other apps with Guided Access – here’s how to turn it on.

Digital Whiteboards: Incorporate digital whiteboards or interactive displays into your classroom to enhance interactive learning experiences. These tools allow students to collaborate, annotate, and interact with content in real-time.

Classroom Management Apps: Use classroom management apps or software to streamline administrative tasks, such as attendance tracking, gradebook management, and communication with parents. These tools help save time and keep information organized.

Google Classroom: Utilize Google Classroom or similar platforms to create and distribute assignments, share resources, and facilitate communication with students. These digital learning platforms provide a centralized hub for all classroom activities and resources.

Screen Recording Tools: Use a free screen recording tool to create instructional videos or tutorials for students to watch at their own pace. This is especially useful for flipped classroom models or providing additional support outside of class.

Adaptive Learning Platform: Incorporate an adaptive learning platform or educational software like Khan Academy (free!) that personalizes instruction based on students' individual needs and progress. These tools provide targeted practice and feedback to help students master concepts at their own pace. 

Online Assessment Tools: Use online assessment tools to create quizzes, tests, and assignments that can be administered and graded electronically. This saves time on grading and provides instant feedback to students. Teacher Tip: Google Forms is a free tool for this!

AI-Powered Lesson Planner: Use an online tool like hilink.co (free for teachers!) to save time making lesson plans and quizzes related to the topic at hand.


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