Cheers to  Timothy Day, at Chatswood Public School

Learn how a public school teacher uses SignUp.com to manage their parent-teacher conferences.

Tell us about your school and what you teach:

My name is Timothy Day and I work at Chatswood Public School. We are expansive school with a high level of expectation and achievement, and I am very honored to be a part of this learning community.

How do you use SignUp.com to coordinate with parents?

I used SignUp.com as a means of coordinating parent-teacher-student conferences. The process was incredibly straightforward and exceeded my expectations wonderfully.

Why did you decide to use SignUp.com?

A teacher's time is often very precious. As such, I wanted to find a means of coordinating said meetings that streamlined the process, i.e. organized the meetings for me instead of having to organize them manually myself. In this way, I needed a program that was free, easy to operate, locked off booking options once selected, limited the view of participants (so they couldn't see other responses) and, if possible, did not require the creation of an online account. After some research, I was very pleased to find SignUp.com, as it met all the aforementioned criteria.

What advice do you have for parents and teachers preparing for conferences?

Use SignUp.com, simple as that. The creation process, as mentioned, was very easy to follow. In this way, I was able to save a tremendous amount of time and reduce the potential for communication mishaps between myself and the parents of my students.

How else can parents and teachers work together to build a positive year for their students?

I am a firm believer in clear, consistent, collaborative communication between teachers and parents; if this can be adequately achieved, then students are clear in the expectations placed upon them, and thus more likely to achieve set standards. In this regard, it is the teacher's responsibility to allow insight into their classroom as often as possible, as well as through a wide variety of ways in order to meet parents via their most preferred means.

We salute the Timothy Day and all the other volunteers making a difference in their communities. Check out how SignUp.com's online coordination solutions and parent-teacher conference calendars can keep all your classroom organized!