7 Last-Minute Tips for Teacher Appreciation Week Success

Essential Teacher Appreciation Week Planning

If Teacher Appreciation Week snuck up on you, these 7 last-minute tips will help you and your parent crew slow the scramble and celebrate the sensational teachers in your school. 

We Love Our Teachers - teacher appreciation week planning

1. Ask for help - it’s not too late. Remember that if you’re overwhelmed with details, you are not the only one! Reach out to the other parent-group members who are similarly pressed for time -- like you, busy parents get things done! Use SignUp to organize and delegate details, giving everyone a small task instead of tackling the entire project on your own. Invite parents to sign up to pitch-in, and rely on SignUp to send reminders so even the busiest of parents remember to follow through. If everyone takes care of one small detail, your teachers will feel the love!

2. When in doubt, gift cards are teacher gold! Create a quick gift-card SignUp asking for parents to send in one (or more) gift cards in multiple denominations. These can be for anywhere – local grocery stores, specialty coffee shops, fave restaurants, big-box stores like Target or online retailers like Amazon. Parent group leaders can assemble gift cards in decorated envelopes, or add them to a thank you card or small gift such as a succulent, mug or bouquet.

Pro Tip: Offer the option to donate cash on your SignUp for parents who may not have time to go to the store to purchase a gift card. 

3. Potlucks simplified. Check out our fun Teacher Appreciation potluck themes here and ask parents (and local restaurants) to pitch-in for a festive event. If you feel pressed to pull off a full-blown luncheon or potluck, remember that teachers appreciate all free food and treats! Consider creating a SignUp for parents to drop off breakfast items (bagels, muffins, donuts) and coffee in the morning, or boxed desserts in the afternoon for teachers to bring home to their own families. If food trucks are popular in your area, see if a few would be willing to treat teachers to lunch (subsidized by your parent-group funds).

Pro Tip: Post links to Potluck SignUps in your social media accounts to reach a broader audience of parents willing to pitch-in.

4. Engage students. There are many fun ways to involve students in Teacher Appreciation Week. With a little more planning, students can prepare a fun song, dance or video to celebrate teachers during assembly. Choir and band students can celebrate teachers each morning or during lunch with a quick over-the-PA or walk-the-halls concert. Cheerleaders can plan a special cheer and student athletes can join them. On a tighter time frame, post large posters in the hall next to each classroom or create a chalk walkway of Teacher Appreciation where students can share cheerful thank yous, thoughts and drawings.

5. Prepare for emergencies. Have a few extra gift cards, or thank you cards on hand just in case you run into an aide, substitute, special instruction teacher or staff member that didn’t make it on the main appreciation list. It’s also helpful to keep a bag with extra napkins, wet wipes, tape, cutlery, plastic wrap, ribbon and a knife or scissors stashed in your car just in case Teacher Appreciation events like lunches or lounge treats need some last-minute details.

6. Thank the parents who participate. Don’t forget to thank all of your class parents when the event is over! Post a thank-you message on your parent-group social media accounts and/or send a quick email home to the parents who participated, perhaps attaching a picture of happy teachers! Let participants know their small contributions meant a lot.

7. Don’t forget to have fun! Teacher Appreciation Week occurs every year and it takes focused work to pull off. Fun is contagious, though, and when your teachers feel your genuine appreciation for all they do, they will love any recognition you plan for them!


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