13 Group Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

Celebrate the tireless contributions of your children's teachers and coaches with a group gift that’s just for them. We make collecting money from any group of parents easy peasy – learn more here! Use the funds to assemble a thoughtful group gift and/or a generous gift card for Teacher Appreciation Day, an end-of-year thank you, or just because. Check out these creative gift basket ideas that everyone can contribute to and deliver a warm, thoughtful thank you. 

Group Gift Ideas for Teacher Gifts

Cook-ing Monster: Collect favorite recipes from classroom families and bind them together with ribbon. Include ready-to-make cookies or muffins-in-a-jar, a colorful reusable tote bag, a gift card to a specialty grocery store, personalized apron, cute measuring spoons - the ideas are endless!

Charcuterie Craze: Who doesn't love cheese, meats, and all the yummy things on a charcuterie board? Nix the board and replace it with a basket for your teacher! Gather treats like various cheeses, salami, nuts, crackers, jams and other spreads for this special teacher gift.

Music Mania: What's your teacher's favorite band or type of music? Make good for this music-lover with a Pandora or Spotify subscription, or consider getting tickets to a show they can attend. You could even have the class sing a song on a recordable card to include in the gift basket.

Sports Fan: If your teacher is a sports fanatic, hook them up with some fan-worthy gear! Include tickets to a game, a pennant banner for the classroom, favorite player jerseys, or other sports memorabilia with their favorite team's logo on it.

Athlete's Accessories: For the sports fan teacher that also likes to play, create a basket of supplies needed for their preferred sport – balls and paddles, gloves, frisbees, sunscreen, sun visor, Gatorade, sunglasses, etc.

Gardening Goodies: Does your teacher have a green thumb? Collect items for a gift basket of goodies that will help set them up for growing success – think gardening tools, seeds, starter kits, gardening gloves, knee pads, a wide-brim sun hat, and watering can.

Comfy & Cozy: Prep your favorite teacher for a warm night in with a gift basket full of goodies like gourmet hot chocolates and teas, cider, cozy slippers and a great fireside read. 

Spa Day: Keep it simple with gift certificates for a massage, manicure, pedicure, or blowout. Top off your gift basket with bath bubbles, salts, a loofah and body wash.

Date Night: If you know your teacher is a busy mom herself, prep a super fun 'date night' basket; include fixings for an easy dinner (pasta, sauce, parmesan), a bottle of wine, a cute romantic movie, and delicious dessert . . . chocolate anyone?

Clutter-Be-Gone: Help your favorite teacher get organized over break with helpful tools and supplies like notepads for grocery lists and menu planning; colorful personal schedulers and lesson planners look great wrapped up with a gift card on top too!

Caffeine Fiend: Give your teacher a taste of the good stuff with a serious gift card to a coffee or tea shop (don't forget the shortbread and biscotti)! Keep them supplied with chocolate covered espresso beans too, and a personalized reusable mug for a final touch.

Read All About It: Ask around and find out what your teacher loves to read. Fill your gift basket with a couple best-sellers, a personalized bookmark, a gift certificate to a local bookstore or online retailer, or even a subscription to a top literary magazine.

Movie Night: Microwaveable gourmet popcorn, a couple bottles of soda pop, a handful of funny and classic cinematic treasures and bam... you've created the perfect movie night!  Top off with a gift certificate to a local movie theatre.

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