Would You Rather & Get to Know You: Icebreakers for Back-to-School

Free Printable Icebreaker Activities – Printable Games for Teachers and Students

Back-to-school means new teachers, new classmates, new subjects and new experiences. All of this can be more than a little intimidating for students. Quash back-to-school jitters fast with these fun Would You Rather and Get to Know You icebreaker games!

The quicker your group becomes comfortable with each other, the better. And communication is key to getting there, which makes icebreaker activities the perfect way to kick off the school year.

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Recommended Supplies:

  • Free Printable "Would You Rather" and "Get to Know You" Icebreaker Cards for Back-to-School from SignUp
  • Heavier weight paper or white card stock

There are various ways to play "Would You Rather" and "Get to Know You" - this is just one suggested method. Get creative, customize the game to your group as needed, and have a blast!


  1. Print the Icebreaker downloadable pdf files on heavyweight paper or card stock. 
  2. Cut out each question card from the printed sheets. 
  3. Put your students into groups of 4 or 5 and have them elect a group leader to read the questions out loud. (A lesson in collaboration and/or democracy!)
  4. Once the question is read, have each person in the group take their turn answering the question. (This is the "get to know you" part!)
  5. After the smaller groups answer all of the questions, have each student talk to the entire classroom about one thing that they learned about someone else in their group. (A lesson in public speaking!)

Pro Tip: Laminate the cards after printing them so you can reuse them at other events and on the first day of school next year.

Click on the Images Below to Download Printable PDF Files of All Would You Rather and Get to Know You Discussion Prompts



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