How to Support a Cause if You Can't Attend a Protest

Activists are the catalysts for change. Is there a cause you’re passionate about and you want to get involved, but attending a protest is not a viable option for you? Whether you’re protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement or another important cause, there are many ways that you can still show your support – here are some things to consider.

support a cause if you can't attend a protest

8 Ways to Show Support if You Can’t Attend the Protest

  1. Support protesters that are on the frontlines. Get involved in a mutual aid group (or set up your own!) in your area that is focusing on protester aid. Here are some examples:

    1. Childcare (use SignUp to coordinate - even easier now with our new add-a-spot feature >link) for protesters with children.

    2. Offer supplies like water, snacks, face masks, hand sanitizer, eyewear, and earplugs (use SignUp to collect donations from others in your community).

    3. Contribute to bail funds for those jailed during the protests.

  2. Sign and share as many petitions as possible that relate to the cause.

  3. Call or send messages to your elected officials and congresspersons to voice your concerns and opinions. Find your representatives at Common Cause.

  4. Donate to organizations supporting the cause.

  5. Protest virtually every day by sharing messages and simple actions on social media..

  6. Educate yourself by watching movies, reading books and articles, and listening to what people are saying on both sides of the issue. Podcasts, audiobooks and TED Talks are also great ways to learn about the subject. PRO TIP: Use SignUp to organize a discussion club to talk about key takeaways. 

  7. Start a conversation – no matter how difficult – with family and friends to spread the message and talk through misconceptions.

  8. Vote! Your voice should be heard at the local and national levels – change starts at home.


Whatever you are protesting, SignUp is here to support you. Use our free tool to coordinate your activism efforts! See our Community Action and Activism Idea Center for more ideas.


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