10 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Block Party

Fall and Halloween Event Ideas

It’s almost Halloween! Ghosts and ghouls are coming out to play, so why shouldn’t your neighborhood? Make planning your neighborhood block party easy with this helpful list:

Halloween Block Party Planning Tips, How to use online SignUps to make your party planning easier

1. Clear the Way - Clean the area of trippables like hoses, garden debris and extension cords. Bring out extra lights or string Christmas lights so neighbors can see where they are going.

2. Better Safe than Sorry - Do you need a permit? Check with your municipality.

3. Snap a Pic - Stage a fall or spooky-themed background with Halloween props and a bench for family photos. Share pictures on social media, so everyone can remember the night!

4. Scare them Silly - Gather older tweens and teens to make a Haunted House. For more Haunted House ideas, check out our Pinterest Board.

5. See the Future - Ask a neighbor to don a turban, grab a crystal ball and be the fortune teller. Kids love hearing about their ‘future’ adventures, romances and families.

6. Light up the Night! - Purchase glow sticks in bulk and share with kids to wear as bracelets and necklaces. Round up extra flashlights for kids who need them; but don’t forget to add your address with masking tape so they can be returned!

7. Get everyone involved - Use SignUp.com to arrange for potluck finger-food items that are easy to grab-and-go, like pigs in a blanket, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, fruit kabobs, sandwich trays, and coolers filled with kid and adult beverages.

8. Be a Winner - Hold a contest with ribbons and prizes for the scariest, funniest, and all-around best costumes.

9. Grab a Seat - People will stop by the party house throughout the spooky evening to refuel and share stories. Make sure you have plenty of lawn chairs.

10. Start a Tip Jar – Most neighbors will welcome the opportunity to pitch in to pay for the festivities. Just let them know ahead of time that donations are welcome (or add it to your SignUp sheet!).