3 Easy Ways to Increase Fundraising Profits and Success

Thanks to our sponsor, Panda Express, for this great post on fundraising!

We all remember that one fundraiser that was close to a disaster – it was: time consuming, expensive, required a ton of volunteers and generally lacked a sense of community. So here you are looking for ideas and tips to avoid all of that and make this year’s Fall fundraiser easier than ever with unforgettable (and generous) profits. SignUp and Panda Express, our family-friendly sponsor, are here to help!

Easy for the Whole Family 

Kids and parents alike love the variety of tasty menu options from Panda Express. Be a dinnertime hero and raise funds for your group by scheduling a Panda Express Fundraiser at a restaurant near you.

Easier Than Ever 

Hosting fundraisers at Panda Express couldn’t be easier, earning 20% pre-tax event sales. They provide links to customized resources such as digital flyers, posters and a 30-day promotional planner for coordinators that offer dozens of ideas of how to promote for a larger turnout. With provided promotional materials everyone is sure to opt-in to your upcoming fundraiser at Panda Express, boosting your profits with participation!

Easy to Participate 

Panda Express knows you’re busy: from the office to soccer practice to the grocery store, back home then off to the next commitment! While we want to be a million places at one time, that’s just not possible (try to remember that!) Panda Express makes it painless to support your fundraiser, despite a jam-packed agenda. 

Busy parents can contribute to the overall fundraiser goal by ordering online or grabbing take-out. For online ordering, participants need to enter the special event code (found on the event flyer) into the promo code box during online checkout. (They do not need to show the flyer in-store for online orders as long as the code was entered during checkout.) Participants will find it nearly impossible to miss your fundraiser!

Pro Tip: Suggest to supporters to gather a group order for their office crew or host their neighborhood besties for takeout - delicious, easy, profitable and promotes time together!

Learn more about Panda Express fundraisers here. When you inquire now about hosting your next fundraiser with Panda Express, you’ll get 2 free Panda Bowl certificates!