5 Easy Ways to Spread the Word About Your Fundraiser

Thanks to Panda Express for sponsoring this post!

If you are holding a fundraiser, you’ll want to avoid making the biggest mistake an organization can make: forgetting to promote the event! It seems like a no-brainer, but often, volunteers are so caught up in the execution of the event that they forget about the marketing and promotion. Let’s face it, you could have the coolest event of the year, with the most glittering entertainment and the most dedicated volunteers - but if no one knows about it, you’re not going to raise any money! Think outside the box with this multi-layered approach to promoting your next fundraiser.

Think Small. If you are holding a fundraiser aimed for the benefit of students, don’t neglect the tried and true flyer-in-the-backpack. There’s a reason it’s been around so long—it’s effective and gives your audience something tangible for reference. If you’re holding a fundraiser through Panda Expressthere’s promotion flyer downloads provided for you, for just that reason. Panda Express uses the flyers to earmark a purchase and then gives back an almost unprecedented 20% of the purchase to the sponsoring organization. Learn more 

Think Big. Don’t forget to inform the local press about your fundraising event. Most media outlets donate a certain percentage of on-air or print space to cover non-profits, particularly those organizations that benefit children. Write a press release and send it to the news directors at local television and radio stations. Remember to begin your press release with a two sentence paragraph that provides a quick overview of the news and why it is important –you have about 20 seconds to grab the attention of the news director before he or she moves on. It should read easily and make your news sound exciting to a general audience.

Share It. Your organization or school most likely already has a Facebook page. For your fundraiser, however, create a specific event page that captures details, date and time of your fundraiser. For example, if your Panda Express Night is planned for mid-February, set up a Facebook event three weeks earlier with the date, time and location parents need to know. Facebook will let the parents you invite choose whether they are attending or not. Then you can send periodic updates, without inundating people’s notifications feed, to create excitement and a sense of inclusion. Use other social channels like Instagram and twitter to promote the event too – drive traffic to your Facebook page, share flyers, etc.

Visualize it. If you have access to some inspirational videos, use social media to help viewers become invested in the bigger picture of why your school or organization is raising money. For example, Panda Express’s Panda Cares video explains the company’s philosophy of giving back, and helps participants feel a part of the more than $65M dollars Panda Express has returned to the communities it serves. When donors can see the direct impact made by their child’s school or a caring company, they tend to give more and feel more invested in your cause.

**Pro tip: Linking to a video like this in your press release has the added bonus of giving local TV news outlets video footage that they can use in promoting your event!

Think Volunteers. Use SignUp.com to streamline your volunteer coordination and communication, and then ask your volunteers to spread the word about your fundraiser to their friends and family. Automated reminders and eCalendar syncing keeps the event top-of-mind among your best and most dedicated group of participants –ask them to help spread the word!