A Fantastic Easter Egg Hunt with a Side of Fundraiser

Thanks to our Sponsor, See’s Candies, for this festive fundraising post!

Follow these steps to create the perfect Easter Egg Hunt and raise money for your favorite charity at the same time!

A Fantastic Easter Egg Hunt with a side of FUNdraiser

Determine how many hunters you will have. This is important to make sure you have enough eggs, as well as enough space, for the hunt.

Fill up the eggs! The fillers for plastic eggs could be candy, temporary tattoos, stickers, coins, or erasers. For the tiniest hunters, think goldfish crackers and Cheerios. Remember that See's Candies sells lovely foiled wrapped chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and a variety of Little Pops that can be used to stuff the eggs, thus giving your egg hunters something American-made and delicious. Figure about 8-12 eggs for each child, although some will retrieve more. Better to err on the side of more rather than less. Enlist help in filling the eggs!

Make sure your location suits all-aged hunters. While children from toddlers to teenagers can participate in egg hunts, knowing who will be participating in yours will help make decisions like where to have the hunt easier. If your hunt is only for young children, you’ll need a flat plot of land on which to hide the eggs. You can literally set the eggs directly on the grass and allow the kids to "harvest" them. For older kids, you'll need a location with a little more variety. Hide eggs in trees, in bushes, in planter boxes, and in mailboxes. A local park is usually a good spot if you have a wide variety of ages participating.

Designate special spaces or colors for each age group. If you have many different ages participating, have different age groups of children look for a different color of egg or create completely separate areas for different age groups. Either way ensures that the younger kids do not get run over by the older ones, and everyone gets a fair share of the eggs.

Make a list of all the hiding places. If you are having a large egg hunt, you probably won't be able to get a final tally of the number of eggs found, so you won’t know if they've all been found. One solution is to make a list of all of the hiding places. You can either make the list as you hide the eggs, or make the list in advance and then follow it when hiding the eggs. (Also, don't forget that this is not the Olympics—you can use your list to give kids who are struggling a little help finding eggs.)

Keep safety in mind! 

  • Hide eggs at or below the eye level of the children.
  • Avoid hiding eggs near electrical outlets or plugs.
  • Do not hide eggs in holes in tree trunks or the ground (critter warning)
  • Keep eggs out of thorny plants and other foliage that may be poisonous.
  • Do not hide eggs around fragile, glass or breakable items.
  • Do not hide eggs in any animals' homes or food bowls.

Have something for the adults. Here’s where you can really set your event apart from the usual Easter Egg Hunt. This year, have a special table for the adults. Consider serving mimosas and/or coffee, or a light brunch buffet. You can also include a way for the adults to feel good about the chocolate they are eating by fostering a fundraiser using See’s Candies. Most adults love good chocolate and love a good cause even more.

See’s Candies has been sweetly changing the world through its fundraising programs for decades. By partnering with organizations, providing them with a quality, American-made delicious product to sell and the support needed to do so, AND allowing them to keep up to 50% of the profits, See’s has become the perfect vehicle for fundraising for good causes. Plus, See's makes it such an easy fundraiser to implement. The company provides real support in the form of live humans to help you, all of the marketing materials you need, and a straightforward profit structure. Go here to find out more!

If you truly want to take the Adults' Table to new heights, preassemble gorgeous Easter Baskets with See’s Candies and hold a silent auction with the proceeds going to the charity of your choice.