4 Essentials for Successful Product Fundraisers

Thanks to our sponsor Flower Power for this great article.

If you think product fundraisers are stodgy outdated ways to raise money for your organization, you might have to rethink. School groups alone raise more than $1.5 billion every year selling various products --that’s Billion with a B! Product fundraising is still the most important piece of the fundraising puzzle for the vast majority of non-profit and parent groups. Be sure to grab your slice of the fundraising pie with these four tried and true strategies!

Four Essentials for Successful Product Fundraisers

Know the Deal: In any product fundraiser, the company determines the percentage of its sales that it will give to your organization. This percentage can vary according to a number of factors, but you’ll almost always put in the same amount of effort promoting a lower percentage fundraiser as you do one that gives you back a larger share. Go for the higher percentage return on your product sales. For one thing, it’s an easier sale if you can say that 50% of sales stay right with your organization. For another, it’s up to you to maximize your limited amount of staff time and effort to put toward a fundraiser.

Know How to Sell: These days, online ordering is key. Use your social media network to spread the word about your fundraiser, and ideally, post links directly to websites where your supporters can place their orders. Eliminate the middleman—YOU—in the distribution of the product.If your product sponsor insists on shipping the product to you for distribution, consider the added responsibilities. You’ll be giving up a significant portion of your garage or living room until the products are distributed, and any questions or complaints will be directed to you. Take your fundraiser into the new millennium by implementing online or catalog ordering.

Know What to Sell: Think strategically about selling what your supporters want to buy. You know they’ll humor you and buy those tubs of giant cookie dough that take up space in their freezers, but they’ll buy MORE of something they really want. One of the best product fundraisers on the market is our sponsor, Flower Power Fundraising. Offering only the finest, best-quality bulbs and plants available from growers in Holland and the U.S, the company sports an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee. You’ll keep 50% profit on every sale you make. There’s no minimum order and the company ships directly to your buyers right when the plants and bulbs are ready to be planted. Planting time makes for quality family time as kids enjoy digging in the garden and caring for plants as they grow. Flower Power Fundraising offers a beautiful, green, eco-friendly and family-fun-draiser, and the earth will thank you too.

Know When to Have Fun!: Don’t forget to build in a little healthy competition among your supporters. Use fun incentives to encourage participation. For example, the person who sells the most gets use of the prime parking place for a month, or if doing a school fundraiser, the classroom with the most sales gets a pizza party or extra hour of recess! Display a totals board and update it frequently so everyone can see your progress. Celebrate your success along the way in your organization’s newsletters and with social media shout-outs.

When considering your next fundraiser, Flower Power checks off these four essentials - make your fundraiser a beautiful success!

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