School Supplies in Spring? Why You Should Care About Them Now.

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Busy - we’re all busy parents! Often, we’re on the hunt for efficient solutions that save us time and money, right? Right! But when it comes to school supplies shopping, why do we inevitably find ourselves going from store to store the day before (or day after) school starts and navigating crowds to get ‘the list’ completed? Forget about school supplies later and support your school-parent group when you think SchoolKidz now.

SchoolKidz is a perfect trifecta of a fundraiser generating needed funds for school-parent groups and budget savings and peace of mind to both parents and teachers with products that will be used and treasured. The SchoolKidz school-kit solution is a pre-packaged, grade-specific solution with quality name brand products, including Staples own brand, saving parents tons of time in combating the back-to-school rush.

School Supply Fundraising Prepackaged Kits for Classrooms

School-kit Solution #1 - Thinking of Your Teacher (and their wallet)

As parents, we know every teacher digs into her own funds to support projects and learning for our little ones. This year, lend your child’s teacher a hand when your supplies come prepared and packaged with exactly what the teacher knows your child will need. Grade-specific kits include things like colored pencils, markers, calculators, memory sticks, folders and more. SchoolKidz supports teachers by providing a hassle-free shopping experience for your school getting teacher-directed supplies directly into the classroom.

School-kit Solution #2 - Skip the Hassle!

We know it’s a hassle to head over to the big-store to handpick classroom supply necessities. Even more of a hassle, when you have more than one school-aged child with supply lists. Parents of children in different grade levels end up juggling multiple supply lists with the potential to miss or forget important items requested by the teacher. Skip the hassle and the headache for the upcoming school year with the items prepackaged and delivered directly to your child’s classroom. Even easier for parents is the online ordering system within the SchoolKidz customer portal.

SchoolKidz School Supply Giveaway Back to School Classroom Kits

School-kit Solution #3 - Help Your School Raise Money!

Contribute to a cause that directly benefits your kids and their education! Schools are always fundraising - get a two-for-one when you buy the all-in-one SchoolKidz school-kit AND help raise money for school!

Does a $1000 school supply shopping spree sound good to you? SchoolKidz is currently running a contest, where you can win $1000 of SckoolKidz supplies! The contest winners will work with a SchoolKidz specialist to hand-pick classroom essentials for their school! There’s more than one winner and more than one prize!

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Support your school, save money and be oh so efficient for back-to-school when you purchase the SchoolKidz school-kit for your kids this spring! Learn More